February 05, 2009

Date Update

Just had a great visit by John Grider who was on vacation from being Brokencrow. After cutting millions of focused stencils his hand is on the verge of tendinitis and his doctor put him on Xacto hiatus. So what a surprise to have his Minneapolis-ness wit-nessed. Eventually we all escaped the city and made a winter pilgrimmage to Coney Island. Hit it right at sunset, hand in hand, with girlfriend (<---big up Tae Tae), friends, and adorable dogs (that's right, I'm talking bout you B00!) One of those friends was our new buddy Luna Park, who has got a shutter fire like John Wayne's got a trigger finger. John made his way back earlier this week and we're still missin him.
But soon enough John and I will be releasing a big project in the works poppin' off this summer and more than likely coming to a city near you!

(clockwise top left: Espo signage, Russian fisherman at Coney Island, Luna Park catching fresh Imminent Disaster piece, me catching Luna Park catching a fresh Imminent Disaster piece.)

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