February 02, 2009

Derivative Derive

It's been so cold lately I haven't been biking. The one day that I did my tire cracked and the tube came bursting out of a quarter-sized slot. It hissed like a cobra tongue with green slime from past patch-proofing. By this time my fingers were numb and gloves futile to the pulverizing wind. So in the meantime I've been walking a lot. It's enjoyable under a heavy coat and pocketed hands. I blow around from here to there, maintaining a general end but let the buildings do what they must to me. Sometimes an alley breaks left when I want to go right or a fire escape appears when I want to keep on track. I take them naturally not knowing if it is randomizing my day or making it more the same. Growing up around casino's taught me about odds. It's only odd that I think it's odd. And the outside remains predictable until I can derive out of my head.

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