April 28, 2009

You can't diss without dissent

There was something strangely perfect happening on Saturday when Jordan Seiler of thePublic Ad Campaign organized an event to buff out over 120 illegal NPA operated advertisements in Manhattan and several in Brooklyn. He then extended the project even further by inviting a slew of street artists to keep it under wraps for a week before hitting the freshly buffed walls.

I hit the streets with the minister of Propaganda/Sleepy Time snuggle buddy Clairvoyance. Nick Riggle was rolling deep along with Cahbasm and NohJColey. For the most part everything was smooth sailing until we got rolled on by undercover chinatown cops during our last poster. It was one of those moments when you are all done but something compels you to add one more doodad. Well next time that happens, don't do the doodad because it's just trouble. As far as I'm concerned, it's a don'tdad!

In our scenario, I was using a bike as a stepping stool in order to wheat paste the last ray over the top of the billboards frame when they rolled on us with shiny badges and polished sunglasses. Our punishment: to rip it off piece by piece, which took just as long, if not longer than putting it up in the first place. This salvaged billboard now had small fragments of paper scattered across it like a detonation of color had just gone off. In a way the cop-curated piece had a cool look. It was minimalist, subtractive, and bona fide avante garde ish. I couldn't help but appreciate the hurried element of struggle to it. Along with the fact that I didnt' get a ticket.

pics by order of appearance 1 & 2 Will Sherman of AnimalNY, 3 & 4 by N. Riggle, 5 by overunder, and 6 by cahil muraghu

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