June 23, 2009

Take that New York Art Culture

Joe Delappe just forwarded me this article in the NY Times about the Dada Hotel project. It's a dense story with a slideshow to boot. So what are you doing? Check it out!

A bit of background //
The Dada Hotel was the brain child of neon-anarchist Jeff Johnson and artist gone tweety Chad Sorg. Together they've been cultivating Reno's crop through alternative venues such as hotels (read, derelict drug dens).

The El Cortez became the official batcave 3 years ago and they've been having the annual Dada Hotel there ever since. However the list of collaborative artists is growing and the overflow is crossing Arlington to nearby hotels and motels.

So what's next for Johnson and Sorg? At this rate we may see the making of 'Mr. Tumbleweeds Takes Washington'.

photo by (left) Dean Burton and (right)Reno Passport

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