January 27, 2010

Jordan Seiler launches NY Street Advertising Takeover Site

New site for NY Street Advertising Takeover!

Check out these two new pieces by Public Ad Campaign head, Jordan Seiler. He says on his site, " I have been wanting to break the frame and begin collapsing the space between the advertisement and the outdoor environment. I hope to eventually be able to visually get rid of the advertisement as well as the frame that retains it."

Jordan Seiler who headed both NY Street Advertising Takeovers and as seen above handles his business on the street, just launched the NY Street Advertising Takeover site. Plenty of good reading on subverting advertisements and the reclaiming of public space from the advertising world.

Wheat paste weave by Jordan Seiler at 27th street & 8th avenue and Washington between 13th & 14th street. Images from The Public Ad Campaign

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