November 09, 2010


Just back from a great trip to Reno for my show 'Homeward Bound' at Holland Project. Tony Alston did some amazing documentation of the work and you can see all of it on my flickr page. But more importantly I wanted to introduce you all to the newest form of wheat-pasting.

Gator-paste! If you're worried about your street art not getting enough electrolytes, worry no longer. Gator-paste sticks better, longer, and with more tangy flavor. Actually, I was stuck without any wallpaper adhesive and had to do it the ol' fashion way with flour, water, a little sugar, a pinch of good luck. And in the end, I think this worked much better than usual. Go experimentation!

So anyways, hope you enjoy this new paste up and the culinary direction my blog has taken.
Bon apetit!

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