November 07, 2010

Rapping with Broken Crow in Gambia

In the not-so recent news the always impressive Broken Crow were invited to Gambia to paint villages galore (Tons of amazing pictures here). During their layover on the way to "The" Gambia I was fortunate enough to hand them off two wheat pastes. I was even more fortunate to have them take the time to paste them up for me. As the story goes, they used a strange African bread paste concoction that someone recommended. Upon putting this one up, the family of the house wondered why they were spreading food on the wall. Mike of Broken Crow said they gave the family the remaining paste to make bread. That really puts it in perspective.

Big thanks to Ian Cox of Wallkandy for the pics!

And on a funny note, one of the paintings that i gave Mike to paste up was in two parts. This was his interpretation of how they should be joined.

And this was mine.

I still can't tell which one is better.

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