December 22, 2010

Albin Ray in NY

Surprise, surprise. New York sent me down a street I've never seen, in a neighborhood I've never been, and lo and behold....
contemporary fine rush hour

To the literati-at-large the above graffiti is a welcomed change with a well groomed message by the artist Albin Ray. I'm a fan of the Viennese artist and for unexplainable reasons tend to say, 'he is just so awesome' to often. However, Albin Ray has been a mystery for some time now. I haven't heard a peep of him besides his recent BLK Festival performance piece a few months prior. And why? Most likely because Albin Ray seems to care nothing for crafting an internet presence. It is his absence that made this find that much more impressive. Just as it was the surprise of finding his piece below the abandoned high line near Hells Kitchen like a needle in a haystack or a street artist without a flickr page.

'Contemporary Fine Rush Hour' suits the gridlocked block and definitely needs some high brow interpretation. Thank god that won't happen here. Instead I wanted to say why he does what he does. I wanted to mention what he is doing now. I wanted to inform people of his awesomeness like most people with blogs intend to do. But instead, I have a paragraph petting zoo.

In closing I'm inspired to reveal less.

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  1. Wow, thanks for the introduction to his work. Probably the coolest name ever too.

    I've really been resenting the internet being this overwhelming medium for self promotion lately, or maybe I've just been resenting the notion of self promotion. Either way, I'd like to think the most interesting people out there avoid it all together. Share less, do more. Well, don't take that advice, I like the stuff you post a lot, but you know what I mean...