August 23, 2012


Can't wait till autumn and all the leaves fall off that tree.

I spent last week painting in the humid thunderstorms with Kelly Peyton and Kaitlin Bryson. They had previously painted the wall for last years Forage event and invited me to join their tag team and make something entirely new. It was a great experience and big thanks to Manny Becerra founder of PACE Creative Media Co. for the great support and photos, Tim and Bernie Carter at Ace Hardware for the paint, all the people of 720 Tahoe Street, and all the people in the neighborhood that stopped by to show their support.

Below is how the previous mural looked before we began. We wanted to make something that reflected on the neighborhood that is somewhat quickly being revitalized. And since we are a catalyst in that process we wanted to be careful in our approach.

It's actually somewhat strange to see happen in Reno after witnessing developers flip neighborhoods firsthand in Bushwick Brooklyn, Berlin, Baltimore, SF.... The word gentrified is the go-to word for these situations but it just feels different in Reno. No one is being priced out and hopefully if anything more businesses will bring more business and culture. Sure, they're going about it the same way as most developers by branding an entire neighborhood under the guise of a hip directional name, albeit with a physically impossible geographic name (wouldn't Midtown need to be above, or North of Downtown?) But it's a welcomed move and I wish the best on all the businesses in Midtown, new and old.
Last years mural by KP and KB
Some of the oldest establishments on this particular block are Shea's Tavern and Ace's Tattoo. Ok, I'll get to them in a minute but first let me diverge. Since moving back to Reno I've felt indebted to one particular individual that I will sadly never be able to tell in person. His name is Joshua Beau Shaver but to most of us he was just Shaver. He passed away in January of 2007 right before I moved to NY. I met him through skating, as most people did and although he was amazingly powerful, determined, and known for his skateboarding he was even more impressive in day to day life. I never got to know him as well as I wish but the people that he touched most live, work, and loiter in what is now becoming Midtown. He was no foreigner to Shea's and lived at a couple different places just a few blocks east of the mural. This was Beau's block and I'm glad he's back to remind us of life, friends, and home.

As the old begins to blur with the new I felt a tribute mural to Shaver and for his closest friends on the block was what needed to happen. KP and KB were fully supportive and we began on Tuesday and finished on Sunday. They are a great team and I hope it's not our last collaboration.
Good traction on that there grease trap.

Kaitlin entering the geometric matrix.

You gotta have obstacles.

Saludos Amor by KP
If you haven't seen it yet, check out Beau's part from the Welcome to the Jungle video. RIP Beau L4D4, SODC, SBG!

Halfway through the portrait.

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