September 05, 2012

Stoop Dreams, Chicago

6 humid days, 7 pairs of socks, 8 gallons of paint, 9 -5in', one day painting in only my boxers, 42 Old Styles, one deep dish pizza, two dips in Lake Michigan, 14 wheat pastes, 80 replays of 2 Chains Birthday Song, and one long ass mural.

Just back from Chicago where I spent the week with Labrona putting in work. Nick Marzullo (who runs Pawn Works along with Seth in NYC) is the man! Someone get that guy a big ass high five. He took us to some of the best Italian Beef joints, greasy spoon diners, and spots. Yeah SPOTS! I love me some good spots. You can see a bunch of images on my flickr, or this write up on the Pawn Works site.

And below is a few photos from the wall I worked on.
'Division of Memory and Construction', 14' x 100', Chicago

Portrait of Mondo, the Foreman.

Young Pilsen Chicana portrait.

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