October 11, 2012

Sticking around NYC

I was fortunate enough to be in NYC for the second half of September and it was a great two weeks. For this post I just wanted to show a few of the wheat pastes that went up throughout the city during that time.

Book smart lions kneel anti-gravity style, Bushwick

Hashtagging with NDA on 3rd and C in Alphabet City

Been listening to a lot of Raphael Saadiq and that song Good Man snuck in on this paster in Bushwick

Crying over the Gowanus canal

Made this in Santa Rosa with the help of some ambitious and imaginative kids. Found a home in Greenpoint

Creative supports on these Harlem metal doors on 103rd. And yes, that's a stretch pickup with a jacuzzi party in the back.

All I see is you... oh you!

This spot was the cat's meow up on 130th and Malcolm X. Got a little Kashink in there too.

Jim Joe approved lot off Broadway. Like the Leathal Weapon 2 Off Broadway show.

And there she is in all her iconic glory. With my man NDA again. About a week later they punched a hole through the wall right on the guys chin.

Or maybe this one is the cat's meow. LOL kitty on Rivington in the LES. Already gone though.

Hungover rainy mornings in the Lower East Side. We've all been there right?

Let's see, we got me and the NDA on some New Gold hashtaggery and a RAE, DAIN, and EKG down on Division near Chinatown. Already gone

Back to an OG spot in Redhook for this welcome wagon of nosiness.

Do you think she wants to Rah Rah with my nina? Back in Redhook on Van Brunt for this 10ft goliath.

Praying for housing in Redhook.

#nofilter, SYKE, I don't know what happened to this flick but at least you can see all her little wormy legs.

Z tip top is the best bar in BedStuy. Do your self a favor and have a bday party there. This is on Whipple off Flushing

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